I have been popping around to different clubs visiting and having chats , and getting annoyed as I seem to see a lot of the DOWNLOADING sign I go out come back and still never seen the pictures, I have done two types of rooms well not packed the rooms I have put both lots of PAINTS in  their own folders, the ones that have pictures on the walls are there permanently and no more DOWNLOADING sign showing, also if your clever which I know you will be you can paint your own pictures in the frames or over. So down load the ones you wish to use and well hey paint the room your self. I have put a picture of one of the walls so you all see the difference.
No Pics onwall.zip No Pics onwall.zip
Size : 3.152 Kb
Type : zip

If your not sure as to how to paint or make a new room follow this link  HERE

 The Room I made these PAINTS for are 




Pics on wall.zip Pics on wall.zip
Size : 3.051 Kb
Type : zip
You may not like the style of the walls, or the pictures on the walls, hey they are Master art, but joking aside, you now have an idea as to how to make the DOWNLOAD go and all see your room quicker as you want them to see them, each room has its own little quirk, and you want to do a different room, please ask if you need help I do not mind at all.