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I found if I stood on the open coffin and faced the right way in the center,
type in <lie> ( or any vamp laying posture ) you where positioned correctly
PVL_Vampire PVL_Vampire
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I used mainly items off Cathy site, hey don't just load what I got go and visit the site, you would be surprised

I have had a few contact me about the file being corrupt, the problem was that it had not zip'ed correctly it has now been corrected
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 The Skull furniture are all Deco and you have to make sure you use the pillows to sit on, they allow you to sit from the angle you are faceing ( so dont try to beat any one to the pillow or you could be sitting back to front lol ) the pillows are Alber aka Mike and I love to use them oftain so hey have a look at his site
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I have had these tested and its best to load what you are set on in Moove 

PVL_Stone PVL_Stone
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 I have used mainly furniture etc off


I love her designes

Also item off *Rapunzel One*
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