Gorean Rooms

All the Rooms on this site are what I have made, as usual all are free, some of the rooms others have used for other themes,

please do so , but remember the basic room walls etc are what I have done, please let others know .                               

NewMembers help     

I made this site for all new members, it is a site a lot use as it is easy to follow and instructions on what

and how to do things in Moove, as I used visual help, with very little writing.

Wedding Shop

All under one roof, shops and who is a minister ( gets updated at times)

Legos Rose tools 

I remember this man when he started giving furniture , carpets, oh! loads of things when Moove was just basic, now he only has Tools and boy they are great,



A site well used, but I do not know whats happened to the owners as it seems to have a lot of sites that are closed, but those that are still open are fantastic well worth a look





More will be added at a later date

About Synthasite 

I have put this up to show you how to use the extras, the widgets are fun and well make a site intresting as well as the bounus of a good site with out add's